Virtual ResidentTM

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Boost Radiologists Productivity

Cut Turnaround Time

Enhance Reports Value

We Help Radiologists Stay Firmly in Control

Our Virtual Resident™ clinical decision support solution helps radiologists leverage their existing PACS and reporting systems to create higher value reports faster.

Demands are Intensifying

The pressure on radiologists is intense—and escalating.

RADLogics Virtual ResidentTM

The RADLogics Virtual Resident is a software platform that enables image analysis applications of imaging data associated with CTs, MRIs and X-rays to automatically incorporate their analytics—with key images—into your PACS and reporting system to help radiologists in study review.

Experience our Virtual ResidentTM in Industry Leading PACS and Reporting Systems

The Virtual ResidentTM Cloud Solution

The RadLogics Virtual Resident cloud solution (US Patent 8,953,858, other patents pending) imports any DICOM-compatible study directly from the modality or the PACS. The software platform provides APIs for image analysis algorithms to incorporate search, measurement, and other findings into the radiologist existing PACS and reporting system as a preliminary report. All scans associated with a given study are combined into a single result. In a matter of minutes, The RadLogics Virtual Resident collects detailed findings information from the various apps and flows the information into any reporting, PACS, or HL7-compatible system for review by the radiologist.

The RadLogics Virtual Resident is a vendor- and modality-agnostic software platform. It can support applications that analyze CT, X-ray, MRI and ultrasound scans.

There’s an App for that

The RADLogics Virtual ResidentTM supports an ever-expanding portfolio of scan modules, covering various modalities such as CT, XRay and MRI.

The RADLogics Virtual ResidentTM uses an innovative App model. Each App was designed and developed in conjunction with leading radiologists, and was clinically validated in numerous clinical institutions.

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